There is nothing quite like loving yourself enough to give yourself the ultimate gift of meaningful change & growth



The way I work is simple: immersive, integrative & interactive. 

I only work with people on a one to one basis who are really committed to doing the inner work to make solid, meaningful changes in their life by owning the power they have over their mind, body and emotions. This means that the work we do in the consulting room together is only half of it, and with my guidance, you will have the foundations to empower yourself and take the steps you need by implementing healthier patterns and habits.

That said, big changes can happen instantly and by harnessing the power of the subconscious mind as well as the conscious, we can cement new behavioural and thought patterns for good. 

I do not work by the session and instead, offer tailor-made packages based upon your own unique needs. This will be discussed during your consultation and you will be given a range of options to suit your circumstances. 

If a more immersive package or ongoing treatment isn’t what you’re looking for and instead you would like to book a one-off session, the 90-minute Calm & Clarity 101 session may be just what you need. YOU CAN BOOK CALM & CLARITY 101 HERE