Healthy Habits Package

Do you have an unhealthy habit that you want rid of once and for all, quickly and effectively? 

Perhaps your health is suffering, or you want to lose weight and you want to implement healthy eating or exercise, or perhaps you want to be more productive at home and at work.

Or, maybe you want to make some tweaks and form a healthier relationship with something such as alcohol, finding more balance in your life and freedom from things having control of your rather than the other way around.

If one or more of those sentences sounds familiar, the Healthy Habits Package could be just what you’re looking for… go from feeling helpless and controlled by the habit, to being free and empowered to make better decisions, and feeling good about them, not like you’re missing out.

By going to the source, we can change the way you  think and behave, so we can make or break that habit for good.

Do you know it takes roughly 30 days to form a habit and 60 days for it to really sink in and become habitual?

Everything you do is a habit, from the way you brush your teeth to the funny voices you endearingly use with loved ones, to the route you take to work, and everything in between.

The reason it can be so hard to make or break a habit is that it’s been imprinted on the subconscious mind. The brain loves repetition, so the more you do something, the more it cements in the mind and body as a habit.

For example, this is why the habit of smoking isn’t about the nicotine, there is much more to it. It may be a highly addictive substance, but people go back to smoking long after nicotine has left the system because the habit is more complex than being simply a physical addiction. 

How would it feel if you felt free from these unhealthy habits rather than paralysed by them? And even better, by letting go of these habits that no longer serve you, you won’t feel hard done by or like you’re missing out, quite the oppposite!

The Healthy Habits Package treats one habit and includes:

1 x 30-minute fact-finding telephone consultation (or Zoom if you’re not in the UK)

3 x 1 hour sessions (in-person or online)

1 x personalised hypnosis audio recording to help you cement your new found freedom

1 x copy of the Healthy Habits self-study mini course

1 x personalised action plan for you to empower yourself and take control once and for all

What to Expect

This 60-day program will take you from feeling helpless and out of control, to feeling empowered and making better decisions for your health and life sustainably, and with ease.

Making and breaking habits can feel impossible, leaving you feeling like you might never change. By focusing on making the changes deep within your mind, you give yourself the best chance of making these changes for good.

We will work together to productively unpick your habits and associated thoughts or behaviours. Hypnosis will be the predominant treatment, but I will also teach you a range of coaching and therapeutic tools and techniques to implement in your daily life. The Healthy Habits mini-course includes various videos and worksheets with techniques and the ‘wheres and whys’ behind the brain, behaviours, and the science behind habits. After the one-to-one treatment is over you will have your personalised hypnosis recording to listen to daily and cement your new habit, or let go of your old one.

One to one sessions

These sessions are 25% coaching and discussing your progress to pin-point anything we may need to change, add or remove, and 75% hypnosis. In the 30 minute consultation we will unpick your habit you wish to make or break with a fine-toothed comb, and then each session will be completely tailored to your needs, which may adapt as we do each session.

Personalised hypnosis audio recording

This is an important part of your treatment plan and should be listened to for 30 days following your last session to cement all our work. This ensures long-lasting and sustainable results and gives you the best possible chance of making these changes for good.

Extras and support

As well as one-to-one sessions and your personalised recording, you will also receive support via email for the duration of your package as well as a copy of the Healthy Habits mini-course and a personalised action plan to go forward more productively.

What can this package help with?

The Healthy Habits Package can help with making or breaking various habits, but here are a few examples:

Alcohol consumption. You may want to stop or just change your relationship with it

Healthy eating or exercise. Implementing healthier habits to change your lifestyle sustainably

Procrastination and productivity

Negative self-talk, issues with self worth or imposter syndrome

Confidence for situations such as public speaking or training

Forming and building boundaries and healthy communication with others

Nail biting, skin picking, vaping, drug use etc


The Healthy Habits Package is an inappropriate choice of treatment if you have an active addiction and reliance on drugs or alcohol. In this case, it would be advisable to seek the necessary physical treatment first before undertaking any form of coaching or hypnosis.

I also offer payment plans for those unable to pay in full. Please email to discuss