Whether you want to improve client retention and productivity, pay special attention to your employees’ mental and physical health, or give top-notch service to your customers, I have consulting, coaching, and mentoring services to suit the nuances of your organisation 


Amy Viola uses a hybrid of skills drawn from over 20 years in the property, travel, and wellness industries to help leaders build solid foundations within their business to improve staff retention and productivity, sales and customer services.

Depending on your needs she will evaluate staff happiness and morale, pinpoint weaknesses within departments or individuals, and provide a solid plan of action to go forward sustainably.

One-off or ongoing consulting packages, coaching and mentoring services are available. 



Healthy employees

You have no business without your employees, so their health and happiness is of the utmost importance to you. What makes them tick, how well they look after themselves, their stress responses and how they deal with what life throws at them may never be something you hear about directly, but if they’re struggling within or they don’t feel supported at work, eventually they’ll burn out, only have the energy for the bare minimum, or even move on somewhere else. Being an active supporter goes a long way in making them feel worthy and valued.


Happy customers

Long-gone are the days when you can (or should) rely on lack of choice, loyalty or get away with mediocre customer service.

People talk, more people will take the time to write bad reviews over good, they have high values and morals, and they vote with their dollar (insert local currency here!)

Your customers are as crucial and your employees, and you won’t have a successful business without them. It’s time to go above and beyond to look after them!

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