Your very own tailor-made hypnosis recording at your fingertips


This is a brilliant way for you to have your very own hypnosis session with me whenever, wherever you like (as long as you’re sitting or lying down, ready to relax with no distractions!)

Do you feel stuck and know you need to make some positive changes? Or perhaps you need some clarity to make an important decision. Maybe you know what’s been holding you back or perhaps you haven’t got a clue and need some help to find out!

Perhaps you haven’t got the time right now to throw yourself into a one to one package, or maybe you want to explore my work a bit more before taking the plunge. Whatever it is, these recordings are really beneficial to get you on the road to making those positive changes that are holding you back somehow.

Due to popular demand, I am now offering 30-40 minute recordings in MP3 format completely tailor-made to your needs. Whether you want to get to grips with your health, gain some clarity on where you are vs where you want to be, quash fears & anxieties or take your career to the next level, I am able to create something completely personal to you that is beneficial to your particular needs.


Is your negative inner voice getting the better of you?

Are your fears & anxieties controlling your thoughts, behaviours & ultimately your life?

Do you have big plans but don’t know where to start?

Are you struggling to manage menopausal or pre-menstrual symptoms?

♥ Is your head all over the place and you can’t separate the wheat from the chaff?

If so, a personalised audio recording is a great place to start to make real, long- lasting, noticeable and meaningful change. 

♥ One issue or goal per recording

♥ 30-40 minutes in length

♥ Tailor made exactly for your needs

♥ Listen regularly to form lifelong habits & rid yourself of limiting beliefs & fears


How does it work?



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